Automating your auto business

This is a CRM system designed for exporting companies, importers, auto houses, auctions, customs brokerage agencies and vehicle carriers. We bring together all the participants in the process and optimize their operation.

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Generate digital documents instantly for vehicle import, delivery, and sales

Engage with clients in Webex24 CRM throughout the entire process, from the initial application to the vehicle handover: customer data, transport information, and all the documents are always at hand

All information in one system

Save time and resources

CRM system for exporting companies, importers, auto dealerships, auctions, customs brokerage agencies, and vehicle carriers

Always up-to-date vehicle database

Database of registered vehicles, which is updated daily. You will always be aware of current prices and market trends.

CRM system for managing your own customer base

CRM system for maintaining your own customer base

Guide the client from requesting transport selection, purchase, and delivery to registering for the final owner. Calculate the cost of services and provide the client with the ultimate cost, encompassing all expenses associated with the vehicle purchase. Generate a quotation and send a simple and intuitive PDF document

Monitor the process 24/7

Watch the process 24/7

Generate import and export documents for vehicles in just a few clicks

Create documents for car import and export in a few clicks

Save time and generate documents for hundreds of vehicles in a matter of minutes. You will no longer experience lost documents, misplaced copies, or missing photographs – everything is securely stored in the system with 24/7 accessibility

All processes are tracked in real-time online mode: from search, purchase, and delivery to customs clearance of the vehicle and registration. Stay connected with service providers and clients at any moment. Communicate via the app and keep clients informed via SMS notifications

The benefits of using webex24 for the automotive business

Core modules of the system

webex24 for car importers and dealers

calculate the cost of customs clearance

automatically generate documents for import and sale

establish direct contracts with the seller without intermediaries

communicate with the client via a CRM system that syncs with the Webex24 mobile app. Gain more trust through proactive communication

webex24 for auto importers and dealersFor customs brokers

Customs brokers

obtain vehicle technical specifications by VIN: fuel type, engine capacity and power, manufacturing year

predict the customs clearance cost based on a database of customs valuation estimates

automatically generate and store export declarations based on entered data

automatically receive, review, and store processed electronic import customs declarations

For private carriers and logistic companies

get new orders from delivery

use a convenient app for communication

fill in the database of regular customers

monitor the delivery process and track drivers

save your transportation history, documents, and photos of delivered vehicles

For carriers and logistics companiesNew system updates coming soon

Coming Soon

creating a vehicle catalog with photos and video reviews

uploading advertisements to marketplaces (AUTO.RIA and others)

integration with messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) and email service

Use webex24 mobile app

Stay in touch with customers, exporters, carriers and brokers. The Webex24 app sends notifications for each stage of the business process – receive instant notifications about the assignment of the preliminary declaration number for border crossing. Get other important notifications: payment for a car, photo report from the carrier, completion of customs clearance, certification and registration

Use webex24 mobile app


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What is the cost of using webex24?

Registration and system usage are free

There is no monthly subscription fee

Client management in CRM and the logistics module are included in the basic functionality

Calculation of customs value and get information on the VIN codes for partners is provided as a bonus

Cost of using webex24

You only pay for the generated documents

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