webex24 is a package solution to automate the process of buying and selling vehicles on the international market

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WEBEX24 SPEEDS UP AND makes EVERYONE’s work easier
Buying and paperwork for transport anywhere in the world will be easy with webex24
Suitable for brokers, car traders and car dealerships, car houses and drivers who deliver vehicles from anywhere in the world and by any transport
This is a powerful CRM system where you can find the entire history of communications with your customers, the status of all current transactions, the history of the services provided and all supporting documents
All participants of the process of purchasing a car (special machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.) have the opportunity to communicate with each other. Starting with the search and ending with customs clearance and registration. webex24 is a solution that optimizes the communication process
Database of Vehicles and Users
Easy communication between clients, managers and brokers
All information in one system
Automate processes, saving user's time and resources with a powerful information database
You will find a list of all the necessary input documents of the provided services in webex24. It is also possible to generate documents on transactions that were carried out directly in system. With webex24 you are not worried about lost documents or copies, missing pictures of products. All documents are stored in the system and available at any time.
All processes are tracked online — from the process of searching, purchasing, shipping to customs clearance and registration. You can also contact the responsible persons at any time
Database of generated documents
Tracking the process of performing services and operations
Features of webex24
Overview of system functionality
webex24 for customers:
— calculation of the cost of car re-registration in the country of delivery
— registration of the application for the vehicle purchase
— opportunity to get an offer from a manager
— tracking the process of customs clearance and car delivery to its destination
For auto traders and car dealerships:
— automating the process of buying and selling cars
— online communication and consulting clients
— creation of a database of customs clearance documents
Customs brokers:
— formation the information about a car, date of release, equipment, place of sale, etc.
— automatic creation of the export declaration based on the entered data
— possibility of quickly calculating the delivery cost and estimation of customs clearance
For carriers with carriages and car transporters:
— easy search of orders
— transport and traffic exchange
— car transportation between any countries of the world
— preservation of the history of trips and delivered cars
For autohouses abroad:
— posting information about the autohouse or marketplace
— automatic paperwork for sale and a preliminary assessment of the cost
— selling cars abroad and reaching the target audience — the final client
— automatic export of transport database to a trading platform in any country of the world
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